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Maxwell & Jenny McCoy

Back in 2003 Jenny and I formed our company and subsequently purchased the property also through Homes and Estates. When the time came for us to sell at the beginning of 2019 we had no hesitation in appointing Homes & Estates Consultancy Services to act as our agents. Mr Sandeep Naik, the Managing Partner, took overall responsibility for the process, tracking down some elusive documents, bringing other documents up to date, and arranging for translation of certain early documents from Portuguese to English. He also represented us at all meetings.

Other members of our team, i.e. our company accountant and our company secretary and members of the purchaser’s team were all able to interact at the appropriate professional level with Mr.Naik to achieve a satisfactory and successful outcome.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Naik and his team at Homes & Estates Consultancy Services for any similar transaction.